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Where fantasy meets reality ~ We’re an upscale event company specialized in bringing the privileged worlds of Gossip Girl & Sex and the City to life! We ROCK at creating whimsical events & themed photoshoots, connecting Fashionistas to the most sought-after shops, products & services across Canada.

Make Catering Part of Your Party Planning

If your party needs kicked up a notch, there is no solution like private catering to make it rock. We are the top party catering Calgary knows and always calls on to make their parties shine. It isn't the costumes or fancy outfits that make or break a party, it is the simple things. You must have great food, plenty of drinks, good time music, and just the right look for the mood. Setting a party in motion is a process of planning the event that begins long before the lights drop. So before doing anything, think about who you are going to hire to cater your unique event this season.

No party is complete without the best musical options and dance appropriate décor. When you hire the best party catering Calgary residents have used in the past, your party will be remembered many years from now. Having a hip spinning DJ is a must. They should be someone who knows everything about music, from jazz to dubstep. Of course, without the right mood and lighting, nobody is going to dance anyway. These are two very essential parts of the party planning that cannot be over looked. Our party catering service can help put together the perfect ensemble and musical hosting for any event.

No evening event could even call itself a party without the right mix of libations and great dining. You provide the location and we will take care of the rest. Our private catering service is always prepared with a wide range of food and drinks, but also place settings, table arrangements, and other fun party favors. We make sure that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for party people and designated drivers. Also we make sure that everyone gets the right mix of earthly delights that caters to their particular tastes. Just ask for it, we can make it happen in no time. Because catering is our business and we love it.

For anyone who wants to party the night away, be sure to make party catering part of the plan. We are the experts in party catering Calgary knows they can trust, so give us a call before you start your party planning. Try to schedule some time in advance to start planning your party by setting an appointment to go over the details. We want your event to be the hit of the season, but it all starts with the persons throwing the party and that means you. Contact us soon, so we can get into the groove and make your party or catered event something to talk about. Don't delay and don't be lame, we are here for all your party catering needs. See you soon.

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